~Brown Jesus~

Imagine your people are oppressed by an outside ruler. You live in poverty. Someone is trying to kill you, so your family flees to a nearby country. You are later a victim of a skewed justice system and receive an unduly harsh punishment. From this brief description, you may have had many modern images pop … Continue reading ~Brown Jesus~

~Love & Humanity in the Time of COVID-19~

Every now and then something comes along that forces you to reevaluate the way you look at the world. Usually it is something very personal, such as a car crash or a death in the family. Rarely is it the kind of communal mourning we are seeing in society today. I do not remember having … Continue reading ~Love & Humanity in the Time of COVID-19~

~When Vaginas Are Expensive & Offensive~

Right there. I’ve perhaps offended you already because of the word “vagina”. If you’re a man you’ve probably already stopped reading this, because you’re uncomfortable or because you think this piece isn’t relevant to you. But if you haven’t stopped reading, please just hear me out. I want to shed some light on menstruation - … Continue reading ~When Vaginas Are Expensive & Offensive~

~My New Year’s Resolutions (& maybe yours, too)~

With the start of a new year, few people feel indifferent. Some feel thrilled for their next steps. Some feel old. Some feel tired. Others feel overwhelmed, comparing themselves to what others’ have “accomplished” in the last year, and feeling that they’ve somehow come up short. You have the characters who claim that in this … Continue reading ~My New Year’s Resolutions (& maybe yours, too)~